8 Marketing Design Inspirations that Sparkle Your Work in 2018

8 Marketing Design Inspirations that Sparkle Your Work in 2018

DESIGN - “is the plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is made”. In fact, we, designers find different inspirations to stand out every year.

It is common that everything in this world is trying to get everyone’s attention, which means you got to differentiate yourself from others especially when it comes to design - from the explicit colours, concepts, layouts, to the more subtle tones, packaging and effects.

Hop on to these marketing design inspirations to help you to stay on top of 2018 design trends:

1. The Gradients

So called the colour transition, it is usually found on the website banner, button or background. In the past 20 years, the colour transition and gradients were from Microsoft Word Art. But now, old is new. It came onto Instagram and followed by the others, as it is a better way to add flourishes to your website background instead of being stuck in a single boring coloured background.

2. Semi-flat design

This idea is used with subtle shadows to enhance illustration, icons, button, website which in turn improve usability and simplicity. If you notice, flat design always plays with shadows. These shadows are unlikely to be strong or harsh, instead, they embrace the concept of soft and coloured.

3. The Duotones

The contrast of two bold tone colours on an image. It appears in extreme contrasting colours and is usually suitable for entertainment. This requires a bit of design work and AB testing but the outcome will be definitely worth it. One great example is Spotify, who pushes up duotones design in their branding plan.

4. 80’s & 90’s Inspired Pattern

80’s & 90’s designs are gaining popularity again, with geometric patterns along with the unique colour schemes. This pattern trend is able to add visual excitement - a standout with a touch of nostalgia to your design work. You just can’t deny that it is getting more prominent and influential.

Serif Bold Typography

Sans Serif is 2017, Serif Bold is 2018. If you notice, it is now the bolder the better. With the artistic effects, headlines are usually designed in extra large font size similar to Helvetica-inspired font in the designer world earlier. Serif bold integrates very well into different set of tones and flat designs too. What are you waiting for, get move on with Serif type font now to see the impact!

6. Cinematography Photographs

“Hmm, there is something missing in my website, it does not feel alive.” Simple, bring it on with cinematography. To have an animated element with still photo on a repeating video loop on a selective area. Think of the ocean with animated coconut tree blowing in the wind and where the waves kiss the shore. You will need to bring along and perform the best UX. Believe it or not, this will be an upcoming UX trend in 2018.

7. Unconventional Colours

The first step and best practice for a designer to take risk is in the colour. Sticking to the traditional corporate brand colour palette is not going anywhere. Pick and select a few colours that you always label it as “unofficial brand colours”, and off you go to use them across your design works. From there, you might find something exciting and out of the box elements. Don’t forget, your work needs to fight with thousands of eyeballs to be noticed.

8. Handwritten

Another incredible 2018 design trend is a handwritten font. You’ll feel extraordinary of your own font type and create the feels of natural. Like the brand of Adidas & Adobe, they blend handwritten fonts with images, gradients and bold colours in the marketing materials. In fact, it feels out of the ordinary!