• Henry
    By: Henry

    Surface Scratch: AdWords Smart Bidding

    Stop the hassle to optimise campaigns manually. Although you have full control over your advertising campaigns, when data gets larger, more time is consumed. With the advent of machine learning in various facets of our lives, Google already has the technology to help advertisers optimize their campaigns more ...
  • melissa
    By: Melissa Cheng

    SOON, Page Speed Will Be A Ranking Factor for Mobile!

    Have you ever clicked onto a website and had to wait for quite some time before a page loads? According to a study, 22 seconds is the average time needed to for a mobile landing page to fully load, but 53% of a mobile site visit is ...
  • tan-min
    By: Tan

    Why You Need SEO & PPC in Your Marketing Plan

    Web traffic is the core of any online platform, website, app or digital presence. When you increase your traffic along with the quality of the visitors, you are more likely to increase your website conversion and get that traffic to become paying customers!Most of the businesses are limited to either (Organic search engine optimization - SEO) or (Paid search - PPC) ...
  • melissa
    By: Melissa Cheng

    Can’t decide between Facebook Ads & Google Adwords?

    When it comes to Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Google Adwords and Facebook Ads ...
  • shichyn-min
    By: Jess Lim

    The Ultimate Blueprint for a PPC Landing Page

    No ONE formula can make a perfect PPC landing page. BUT, you shouldn’t miss out the must-have core elements to make a good PPC landing page because it gives the first impression to your visitors and helps to guide your visitors to hit your goal.Let’s us provide you the ultimate blueprint for a PPC landing page that converts! The main headline - What are you offering? The exciting element - 1-2 minutes video showing your offer ...
  • angela-min
    By: Angela

    Your PPC Campaign is not generating leads? It could be due to your landing page!

    Before we dive into this article, let’s understand the definition of landing page when it comes to PPC. A landing page is a single web page that a visitor “lands” on after the visitor clicks on an ad. In certain cases, the simpler the landing page is, the better it is. “Why?” It’s  because the main intention of a landing page is to avoid visitor to navigate around a complicated website. With a single landing page, it helps to guide visitor toward your conversion goal!Now, please ...
  • shichyn-min
    By: Jess Lim

    How Chatbots Will Improve Your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

     We have seen a rise in the number of advertisers leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities and this proved to be a popular topic among many recently. One of the most popular Artificial Intelligence (AI) development was the Chatbot. I suggest you read our previous articles about Chatbot Technology and why you need Chatbot for your business if you have not gotten the slightest idea about Chatbot.
  • peiling-min
    By: Pei Ling

    The Perfect Landing Page That’ll Double Your Conversion

    1. Be Concise and Thorough While it may appear to be opposing to promote both compactness and careful quality as twin components of a decent landing page. A good way to accomplish this is to utilize brief description throughout the page that are accomplished by links that get to additional info. This avoids from congestion and allow for a quick scroll-over view, while providing additional info to the those who need it.  2. Make Calls to Action "Notable" A ...
  • Cv5
    By: Giselle

    Are You Engaging With The Right PPC Agency?

    Data never lie! Year after year, the search engine marketing industry keeps on extending at double-digit growth rates. With everyone racing to the web to advertise, your space in the PPC sector is imperative.Getting the right advertising agency to run your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is crucial as it determine your company’s ROI. Ask yourself. Have you spent enough time in getting know your agency? How well do you know about their workflow? There are some factors you need to consider before engaging a right PPC agency, ...