• Wei Yong
    By: Wei Yong

    4 Practices To A Better Keyword Research

    The fundamental elements of search engine optimization (SEO) campaign are keyword identification and analysis. Strategies are extensively driven by keywords, whereas content and structure are designed to land users on your website by targeting the relevant and viable words or phrases that most likely to be entered by them to find information.Undoubtedly, ...
  • weixin
    By: Wei Xin

    How Much Does SEO Cost? A Rarely Answered Properly Question.

    We’ve heard how great SEO is for your business, we’ve seen companies are begging to rank well, and we’ve experienced prospects walking away from us, stating other agencies are better at pricing. It is no surprise that consumers psychologically tend to compare price tags prior to making a purchase, what’s ...
  • melissa
    By: Melissa Cheng

    SOON, Page Speed Will Be A Ranking Factor for Mobile!

    Have you ever clicked onto a website and had to wait for quite some time before a page loads? According to a study, 22 seconds is the average time needed to for a mobile landing page to fully load, but 53% of a mobile site visit is ...
  • salmiyanti-min
    By: Yanti

    Is Responsive Design A Ranking Factor?

    Nowadays we live in a mobile-first era and are moving toward a mobile-first index. That’s because consumers are addicted to smartphone and tablets. In this environment, responsive design is no longer an innovation. Instead, it has become a standard component of any SEO plan, regardless of industry."more Google searches happen on mobile devices than on PCs in 10 nations including the US"When it comes to designing a mobile website, there are three choices:1. Responsive:Serves the same HTML code on the same URL ...
  • tan-min
    By: Tan

    Why You Need SEO & PPC in Your Marketing Plan

    Web traffic is the core of any online platform, website, app or digital presence. When you increase your traffic along with the quality of the visitors, you are more likely to increase your website conversion and get that traffic to become paying customers!Most of the businesses are limited to either (Organic search engine optimization - SEO) or (Paid search - PPC) ...
  • jun3-min
    By: Jun

    Let AI & Machine Learning Boost your Search Marketing?

    With the TECHNOLOGY CRAZE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI), NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING (NLP), MACHINE LEARNING, and chatbots, it’s important for us to know what the technology is, where it’s heading, and what how it will help on our digital marketing as a whole.Machine learning can be defined as an application of artificial ...
  • cheepoi-min
    By: Chee Poi

    The Future of Marketing with Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligent)

    Machine learning is making big changes in the world of digital marketing with its ability to process a large amount of data and making use of it. With the right amount of data, machine learning was given the capacity to respond quickly and precisely at the moments of customer behaviour changes, thus it brings forth the next-generation of customer experience. Moreover, every ...
  • shichyn-min
    By: Jess

    Here’s What Most People Googled in 2017

    Previously, we did about Google Search Trend in 2015, now Do you know what was the most trending Google searches in year 2017? Every year Google announces its top searches over the past 12 months as a way for us to look back and see ...
  • tan
    By: Gui Ong

    How Videos Boost your SEO

    Digital marketing continues to evolve and expand over the past few years. Video has become more than just a marketing tool in today’s era. When you do that properly, you’ll get fresh SEO juice flow to your website and increase your PageRank.There have few ways of video to improve on SEO strategy#1Rank Higher in SERPsIn July 2014, Google announced their Hummingbird algorithm to put more weight on video content and to make it appear even more often. Google tends to prioritize video snippets from YouTube as opposed to other video ...