• By: Yoke Cheng

    Human Remains The Backbone of Machine Learning

    We are living in an exciting and innovative time with futuristic technology literally at our fingertips. It’s no secret that recently there has been momentous hype surrounding machine learning (ML) as it has evolved from a sci-fi pipe dream to reality. But, no matter how much a business integrates emerging technology into their systems, the human ...
  • By: Yoke Cheng

    Creative Ways to Publish Social Media Updates

    Social media is springing up like mushrooms after rain especially in this era where almost everything is technology dependent. Of course, the main reason for this to happen is that social media is a free platform for you to publish and advertise almost anything you want.  Despite there are millions of social media users, ...
  • jun3-min
    By: Jun

    Simple Photo and Video Editing Apps All Marketers Need

    Hi, Creative and Social Media Marketer,Marketing is an extremely crucial component in a company. With it, so comes you, the design and creative person responsible for turning dull contents into alluring visuals. Bigger organizations have their dedicated design team, but that is quite not the case for startups and small companies. Most ...
  • Wei Yong
    By: Wei Yong

    4 Practices To A Better Keyword Research

    The fundamental elements of search engine optimization (SEO) campaign are keyword identification and analysis. Strategies are extensively driven by keywords, whereas content and structure are designed to land users on your website by targeting the relevant and viable words or phrases that most likely to be entered by them to find information.Undoubtedly, ...
  • 12196240_10206575115153948_5003177602935288584_n
    By: Angelique

    Mistakes We’ve Learned From Losing Clients

    We always strive to be a trustworthy partner for our clients, yet there are times where no matter how good we get at retention, a portion of our customer base will inevitably leave. Losing clients is as distressing as losing a boyfriend. All the efforts you put in, and ultimately they choose to leave ...
  • jenice-min
    By: Jenice

    8 Marketing Design Inspirations that Sparkle Your Work in 2018

    DESIGN - “is the plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is made”. In fact, we, designers find different inspirations to stand out every year. It is common that everything in this world is trying to get everyone’s attention, which means you ...
  • daphne-min
    By: Daphne

    Mobile Device vs Television: The Breakthrough of Video

    Those lying down on the couch watching television days are long gone. With just a single touch, you can watch video content while you're waiting for your next connecting flight. With just a single tap, you can watch it while you're doing your laundry. With just a single gesture, you can watch ...
  • Henry
    By: Henry

    Surface Scratch: AdWords Smart Bidding

    Stop the hassle to optimise campaigns manually. Although you have full control over your advertising campaigns, when data gets larger, more time is consumed. With the advent of machine learning in various facets of our lives, Google already has the technology to help advertisers optimize their campaigns more ...
  • cheepoi-min
    By: Chee Poi

    Be Wary of Apps That Secretly Listen to You

    We are living in an age where technology ...