• jun3-min
    By: Jun

    Simple Photo and Video Editing Apps All Marketers Need

    Hi, Creative and Social Media Marketer,Marketing is an extremely crucial component in a company. With it, so comes you, the design and creative person responsible for turning dull contents into alluring visuals. Bigger organizations have their dedicated design team, but that is quite not the case for startups and small companies. Most ...
  • daphne-min
    By: Daphne

    Mobile Device vs Television: The Breakthrough of Video

    Those lying down on the couch watching television days are long gone. With just a single touch, you can watch video content while you're waiting for your next connecting flight. With just a single tap, you can watch it while you're doing your laundry. With just a single gesture, you can watch ...
  • weixin
    By: Wei Xin

    YouTube Ad Length, Go Long Or Go Short?

    When a video ad pops out while you are browsing YouTube, what do you usually do? My guess is you first take a peek at its length, ponder for a sec to see if it is worth your time and let that desperate thought process of yours decide ...
  • weixin
    By: Wei Xin

    Video Marketing : A Storytelling Approach

    Reminiscing the commercials and clips you have watched in the past, which one(s) are still residing in your memory? Thailand ads perhaps? Or videos that triggered you sympathetic instinct? It is no surprise that we tend to remember or even name videos that integrate storytelling as a communication tool with audience. Human are social creatures; people are allured to stories; and we ...
  • tan-min
    By: Gui Ong

    How video marketing grow your business

    First, what is video marketing? Video marketing is to use video to promote your brands & businesses. Currently, it has become "the most popular" digital marketing trend. The marketers around the world have recognized the effectiveness of video, like how the video attract prospects and convert them into the customers. The result shows that marketers who are using video helping the businesses grow revenue 49% faster than companies who don’t.Boosts Conversions and SalesVideo can really help you earn serious money. 98% of users say ...