Mobile Device vs Television: The Breakthrough of Video

Mobile Device vs Television: The Breakthrough of Video

Those lying down on the couch watching television days are long gone.

With just a single touch, you can watch video content while you're waiting for your next connecting flight. With just a single tap, you can watch it while you're doing your laundry. With just a single gesture, you can watch it while you're waiting to get your car fixed. You can pretty much view videos at any time, ANYWHERE YOU WANT on this little device - Smartphone.


According to a report by eMarketer, the average time consumers between 12-17 and 18-24 spend on their mobile devices has increased by nearly a minute per day over the past four years, while the amount of time they spend watching television has decreased by more than 30 seconds contemporaneously. As much as the younger generation would rather spend time on their mobile device than watching television, however, the older generation tends to see things rather differently.

Now, here are the top 3 reasons on why brands and companies should start investing in mobile ads rather than television ads.

1) Mobile Ads vs Television Ads - Less Expensive

Being in a mobile-first world and with hundreds and thousands of people starting to shift toward online video, it is a no-brainer to start advertising through online video. As compared to television ads, one of the main reasons that online advertising is cost effective and an immense way to advertise your business is because you have the ability to reach more people online than you could with any other type of advertising techniques out there. Therefore, if you really want to reach out to mass audiences without using a huge advertising budget, then the internet is the way to go. Hence, one point for mobile ads!

2)  Mobile Ads vs Television Ads - Unleash Your Creativity

Humans in general, have attention spans less than 10 seconds and tv commercials usually are between 15-30 seconds, or maybe 45 seconds (fix time segments for TV). Therefore, the first few seconds are the key components of each video and the fact that YouTube now has bumper ads that last for only 6 seconds! That pretty much explains that nowadays people, especially millennials don't enjoy watching long, draggy content. Hence, short and sweet commercials on mobile device give you opportunities to unleash your creativity with video. Another point for mobile ads!

3)  Mobile Ads vs Television Ads - Personalization

Let me ask all of you a question. What's the first word that pops out when you see the word, television? If you're a digital marketer, you probably won't deny that the first word that pops up in your mind is "traditional". The term traditional has different meanings, "long-established, "accepted", "conventional" and many more. You can personalize mobile ads, but you can't personalize tv commercials. There are many "don'ts" when it comes to tv commercials as it is shown on the public television, hence, there are only certain genres that are allowed to be shown on the television. Once again, mobile ads won!

In conclusion, mobile advertising role in the future of marketing is shifting and it will continue to grow and outshine television ads. Whilst TV ads is still a successful and effective way to reach out mass target audiences, media plans need to adapt to where and what people are engaged and what they enjoy watching. With the combination of technology, creativity and media together, ads are about to change and yet it will be the best challenge the industry has ever had. Brace yourself, cord cutting is about to get real!