Your Video Can be a Celebrity of Marketing!

Video Marketing is the most effective medium for delivering messages to your target audience in the most interactive and unique way, For both SEO and PPC, when you have a video on your website, it would attract your target audience’s attention easier and they are more likely to understand your message better than words.

At Nexus Mediaworks, we plot the suitable video content based on your marketing goal. With our well planned marketing strategies, we boost your brand, create impacts and drive conversions through videos. Our video creation service includes pre-production, production and post-production services as well as Video Marketing such as running YouTube Ads & Facebook Ads. Choose the type of video you are interested in:

Don't Own a video? We got your back!

Commercial Videos

Commercial Videos

The most common type of video. Commercials serve to promote a brand, product or service. If you wish to raise awareness or generate sales, commercial is a great start for a video campaign.


BizComm Videos

Also known as corporate video, this 2 in 1 service simultaneously promotes your services or products and communicate your business identity to the audience. Looking for ways to shine yourself? This could be an excellent choice.

Event Video

Event Video

Having an event? We are here to help capturing every magnificent moment and assemble them into a cheerful piece of clip. Event video is a perfect way to show your culture, social doings and milestones.

Short Film

Commercial Short Film

Just like a movie, short film engages audience with stories, emotions and beliefs that speak truly to human heart. Have much to say but limited duration? A short film is an ideal way to go.

Video Marketing questions that you might be curious about

Video Marketing Service involves a discussion with an extensive list of question of your product and services. After fully understanding your business goals, we will present a pre-production proposal and video content. Once we have reached on a mutual agreement on the proposal, we will proceed to production and post production stage. We ensure your video marketing goals are achieved through detailed planning in video production and marketing strategies for your video. We ensure your video is not only viewed by the correct audience, but shared, commented on, and able to enhance your brand.
Video Marketing is a powerful tool to increase conversion and sales because video builds trust, and trust is the foundation of conversion and sales. Plus, video content is more engaging and it ignites emotions, in which studies has shown that 74% of users who watched an explainer video about a product or service subsequently made the purchase.
Having video on your website increases the time spent by visitor on your website. Due to enhanced website content with video elements, it thus builds trust and signals search engines that your site is providing high quality and useful content. Additionally, once search engine deems your website as a trustworthy site for the users, it leads to SEO ranking improvement and increased credibility to your website.
Video production is not the easiest nor the cheapest investment but it definitely pays off. 83% of businesses say that video provides good return on investment. As video increases the brand awareness and showcases your product and services in a simplified and interactive way, it becomes easier to understand and builds confidence among viewers.