What’s The Real Motivation

What’s The Real Motivation

Whenever we talk about videos, the first thing that will pop into our mind is Youtube. YouTube looks set to soon surpass TV, 80% of age between 18 – 49 years old prefer watching online videos rather than watching the television. Pew Research study found out that 94% of jobholders are Internet users. Thus, social media is no longer a platform for us to spend our leisure time, but in fact, it has already become a powerful medium that people will seek for business opportunities there.

Facebook has already invested millions of dollars in promoting their new live feature. Instagram and Snapchat have crossed swords in video stories. Meanwhile, a new player has silently entered the social media battlefield.

According to the statistic above, we can’t deny the fact that we’re surrounded with videos throughout our daily life. Don’t agree with me?  Let’s check out some facts below.

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  • Facebook has become an essential social media app for most of the people nowadays. Whenever you’re scrolling through your Facebook Newsfeed, there’s a lot of video sharing regardless of Facebook Sponsored Ads, Youtube or page shared.

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  • Besides that, you can also share your live feed video on Facebook story. Facebook Live Stream is also a video which allows your friends and communities to check out what is happening. In fact, now you can even upload video on your Facebook Cover too!
  • Instagram post and Instagram story also allow users to post and do live videos so that users can share with their friends. Don’t forget there’s Snapchat too.

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  • When you look want to look for a new MV, the first place that you will go to is Youtube; When your mum wants to learn a new dish, she too will go to Youtube to look for cooking tutorial.
  • When you go to a website, I believe that you will go straight to the part where you get to watch the product tutorial rather than reading the user manual.
  • When you wish to attend a seminar that is located far away from your place, what you can do is to browse the web and look for the online webinar, which is also something that is video related.
  • When you attend a presentation, a video can pretty much explain the products rather than you describe your product through words.

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  • While you are shopping in Watson, you will notice a small tv that is showing their product through a commercial video.

If you don’t already have a video marketing strategy for your website and social media sites, you’re missing a tremendous opportunity to reach and engage with your audience.

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People ask me what’s the motivation to code and how to maintain that motivation. There are a lot of motivations to code. One of them could be learning new things. Every problem that you face while you code, gives you a new lesson and a way that you can solve the problem.

A lot of people feels bored while coding for a longer duration as they feel this is too technical for them. Coding is an art as well and is not just about writing a group of commands.

You are creating something new, very innovative that helps a lot of people across the globe. While you work on a website, definitely it is a project and a daily routine of your life, but in actual sense, it will help a business grow. Many people will find it easy to do their regular stuff using the website you developed.

Now, let’s take a look at how can you stay motivated to code.

How to Stay Motivated to Code
#1. Make sure this is something you want to do
Taking a firm decision that you want to code, will bring you at a particular level of motivation to start coding and to carry it further. Getting random thoughts while coding like what if I join the marketing team, what if I go for the SEO, etc. will hamper your progress. It is better to take a firm decision before you start and then to hold on it.


#2. Find a coder buddy
This helps a lot! Every time you are stuck with something, you have someone who can help you find solutions. Even if not solutions, you will have someone with whom you can discuss your problems.
While learning if you are in a team, that makes the learning process much easier and enjoyable. You can remove your doubts and share something that you have gained extra; This helps you learn faster, get additional knowledge and an opportunity to work together on any new project.

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#3. Maintain a Portfolio and share it
After you have started working in the coding field, every week there can be something new that you can create and share. Let it be a small piece of code that does a small task or a little front end part, if you love it, add it to your portfolio.
Add these things to sites like ‘CodePen’ and ‘JsFiddle’ and share it with your mates and other coders. They may appreciate you, and this will enhance your confidence and motivation. Sometimes, while sharing these stuff you created, you may be advised by some senior developer on how can you improve your code; This would be a great learning!


#4. Goals Always Motivate
A goal can be something like I want to complete this project by the first week of the upcoming month. After setting a longer duration goal, set up milestones to achieve this aim of completing a particular module by next week, etc.
Before you start your work, jot down your goals for the day. Penning them down will motivate you to work harder and hit the daily objectives.


Bugs are the most irritating and the demotivating things while you code. A single small bug may take up half of your day and will frustrate you like anything. It could be a syntax error, usage of a wrong function or logical error. Getting through the bugs and fixing them will reduce a lot of stress and won’t demotivate you.


So, you have decided that you want to code, right?? If so, let’s do it!